Warning! A giant meteor is headed for Earth, and it's bringing with it tons of space junk! The UN has unveiled it's top secret prevention measure: Project NET. Two pilots must operate their space craft while connected by a giant space net. Can they catch the wayward space junk and destroy the meteor before Earth meets its untimely demise?

How to Play:

Click and drag to move the ships. Use the net to catch space debris. In a pinch, you can destroy junk with your ship, but be careful, you'll be temporarily stunned!

If the Earth takes too many impacts, it will be obliterated! If the planet is in rough shape, be on the lookout for Cosmic Glue to patch it up. That stuff can fix anything.


Programming: Trenton Coggeshall, Trevor Irvin, Payman Ahmadpour

Art: Trevor Irvin

Music: Incompetech


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This was really fun! Art looks cool too!