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Contrary to popular belief, Cthulhu is actually a pretty nice guy. He knows that if a mere mortal lays eyes upon him, they will go insane. That's why when he goes to the public library to check out his favorite books, he has to be sneaky. Help Cthulhu check out his books without driving people mad!

How to Play:

Collect all of the books and take them to the checkout desk then leave to win. Picking up the disguise glasses will protect the NPCs from going insane for a short while. You can place collected plushies by clicking anywhere on the screen. Keys allow you to open doors.


WASD to move

Left click to place plushies

R to reset a room


Design, Programming, and Art: Trenton Coggeshall and Trevor Irvin

Music: Kevin Macleod


At the Aisles of Madness.zip 29 MB

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