Gary's an entrepreneur. He has created the first all-grilled-cheese grilleria, and boy, it sure is popular. The problem is, it's getting a little TOO popular!

Help Gary keep up with the ever-increasing supply of customers filling his grilleria. For his business to survive, you must flip and fling perfectly grilled cheeses onto customers' plates to keep their satisfaction high. Serve too many bunk grilled cheeses or leave your guests unattended and Gary's Grilleria is done for!


Left and Right arrow keys to switch between pans.

Space Bar to flip and fling grilled cheeses.


Trenton Coggeshall - Programming, Art

Trevor Irvin - Programming, Art

Brandon Munoz - Art

Kevin Macleod - Music


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Is this game in the "Gary the wizard" series :o


I'm not sure what the Gary the wizard series is, but I have to say it's an honor to get a comment from the creator of Boom2022.